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The Story behind the
EarthOdyssey pulling tool

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What is the EarthOdyssey pulling tool and how can it make your life easier? Like any other invention it was the result of a need begging for a solution.

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I was always the one to lug out the recycling containers every Tuesday. Two of them. One for newspapers, and one for glass jars, plastic bottles, and metal cans. The glass, plastics, and metal container wasn't too bad but the newspaper one was a killer. I didn't enjoy it since it was a strain on my back, so I tended to postpone it. That only made the problem worse since more and more newspapers accumulated. Then I tried pushing the containers with my foot. It took forever.

One day, the proverbial light bulb in my head lit up and voila!, I had invented the EarthOdyssey pulling tool. After some fine-tuning and a successful patent application, I can now offer this tool to everyone with the same problem. I guess that includes the whole country, if not a good part of the world. After all, everyone has to recycle. It's the law and not only that, it makes sense to conserve resources. But in conserving resources you also want to conserve your body. No point in saving a few cans and newspapers if your back suffers. Only the chiropractor wins that one.

Now that I invented the EarthOdyssey pulling tool, guess what? I no longer take out the recycling containers. It's so easy to do now, my wife actually enjoys it. And if my wife likes something, I know it's a winner, especially if I was behind it. My kids use it also. In fact, they were able to use it when the recycling container full of newspapers weighed more than each of them. I just leave the EarthOdyssey pulling tool outside by the garage and it is always ready to use. It will never rust.

You can also use it inside. One day I wanted to retrieve an object from under the sofa. My hand couldn't reach it. I knew I could just move the sofa but then I thought, why do that, why not use the pulling tool. It worked. One, two, three and I had fished out the object. I should call it the pulling and fishing tool.

In this amazing world of digital technology I can show you how the EarthOdyssey pulling tool works by a few images. No need to send for additional information since this site provides more information than you could receive by mail. That's one purpose of the web. Just a story, images, and then you decide. It certainly has made a weekly chore easier for my family and it can be for yours too.

POSTSCRIPT: I had my wife edit this writeup. She reminded me, diplomatically of course, that she had found another use for the EarthOdyssey™ pulling tool. She had cut down some bushes one day and tied them in a bundle.
Problem: How to get them to the front curb. Maybe the wheelbarrow? That's a balancing act. Carrying them? There goes the back.
Solution: Use the EarthOdyssey™ pulling tool?

Again it worked!

Written by the inventor of the EarthOdyssey pulling tool

More images of the
EarthOdyssey pulling tool

A view of how you hold the handle. The handle rotates as well as slides in order to provide complete freedom of hand and wrist movement as you pull a container behind you while walking forward.

A view of how the hook end engages a recycling container. The hook can engage the container anywhere along its rim.

You can pull the recycling container on the ground or lawn almost as easily as on the driveway.

Overall view


  1. The hook of the EarthOdyssey pulling tool can engage the container anywhere along its rim.
  2. The handle of the EarthOdyssey pulling tool rotates as well as slides in order to provide complete freedom of hand and wrist movement as you pull a container behind you while walking forward.
  3. Although the images on this page show the recycling container being pulled along a driveway, it can just as easily be pulled on the ground or lawn instead, or even a gravel path.

Links to EarthOdyssey  pulling tool patents:

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