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U.S. PATENT 6,131,381

Issued: October 17, 2000


IMAGES 4- Rake Components

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Each tine is individually removable from the rake. Hence, each tine is easily replaceable.

A tine

The tines can be made from thermoplastic or metallic materials as along as they have the proper physical properties of moment-of-inertia of the cross-section and modulus of elasticity. A circular cross-section provides the ideal characteristic of radial symmetry, allowing ease of raking in all directions without any noticeable increase in raking resistance. The typical tine of a conventional metal rake has a rectagular cross-section and this severely limits the capability of raking in any direction other than straight-ahead.

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Viewing a tine at an angle, with the endloop in the foreground and the bent tip in the background.

Another view of the same tine

The shape of the tines facilitates injection molding the tines in mass quantities. Every tine is identical. In addition, replaceability of tines provides an aftermarket for spare tines.

The thirty-two tines shown removed from the rake and spread-out is more than adequate for a large capacity rake.

All of the tines spread-out

The number of tines shown is 32. The number of tines depends on the width of the cross-arm, and the tine spacing. Cross-arm width can be varied to market different capacity rakes.

The handle, cross-arm, and tines comprise the major components of the rake.

Handle, cross-head, and tines

The rake can be disassembled. Each component is capable of being replaced. It is highly unlikely that the cross-arm would ever require replacement. In a rare instance a handle might require replacment if it is subjected to abusive and intense use.

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The rake can be manufactured and sold as a kit of parts, with the parts bundled together to fit within a relatively narrow shipping container.

The components gathered together

The compact configuration of the disassembled rake suggests the possibility of shipping the rake in a circular tube, or long rectangular box. It is entirely feasible to produce the handle in two pieces in order to further reduce the physical size and shipping costs.

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