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How to order

At the present time, you can order the EarthOdyssey™ pulling tool by mail only.

Print a copy of the order form, fill it out completely, and mail it to:

EarthOdyssey, LLC
26 Carolina Drive
New City, NY 10956-3027

A personal check, money order, or cashier's check must be remitted with the order for the full amount including shipping and handling charges. If a personal check is submited, the order may not be shipped until the check clears which in some cases can take as long as seven days. Let's take a few moments to explain our philosophy for ordering. By virtue of the utility of this website, we do not take phone orders. Since you are a potential customer with sufficient interest to navigate your way to this point, we believe your purchase can be completed with the tools available at this site without requiring the real-time intervention of a person, as would be the case with a telephone call.

Online ordering is the most efficient and fastest way to place an order. Online ordering at this site is not yet enabled. Therefore, for the time being an order form can easily be downloaded or printed through your browser which can be filled out and mailed as a traditional mail order. In all cases, payment of sales tax will only be required for products shipped to addresses in New York State.

We are not able to offer the EarthOdyssey™ pulling tool outside of the United States.
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The Story behind the EarthOdyssey pulling tool: Learn how the EarthOdyssey™ pulling tool was invented, what it's used for, and why it can be helpful to you in your daily life. Then on the same page view more images of the EarthOdyssey™ pulling tool.

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